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Caleb Foundation – Save Life with Pennies, INC is a 501-c3 IRS approved non-profit organization. The organization was found in 2012 in Lawrenceville, Georgia and is currently based in the U.S. It is operated by a dedicated group of board members; Ms Tenadam Girma Alemu (Director), Mrs Adiah Wolde (Board Member), Mrs Selamawit Zemenu (Board Member), Dr. Dawit Demissie (Board Member), Prof. Peter Nordquist (Board Member), Prof. Joseph Stenard (Board Member), Ms Genet Johnson (Board Member), Mrs Nardos Tekleselassie (Board Member), Mrs Martha Damte (Board Member), Mrs Rahel Jimma (Board Member), Mrs Liya Yitna (Board Member), Mr Nathan Eyasu (Board Member), Mrs Ruth Haile (Board Member), Mr Yitawes Kebede (Board Member), Dr. Meron Hirpa (Board Member) and Ms Wollela Kebede (Board Member).
“Our similar background and common values are our greatest strength we share to achieve our goal successfully in this organization” , said Tenadam Alemu. “We all put our hearts and efforts on this to see a result; to see change in people’s life

Who Are We?

Organizational Background

Our vision is to make Caleb Foundation - Save Life with Pennies INC is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization licensed in the USA by the Internal Revenue Service. We have a Public Charity Status of 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi) and the organization's effective date of exemption is July 3, 2012. Caleb Foundation is currently operational in Addis Ababa with the registration certificate from the FDRE Civil Societies Agency with certificate number 3683. The objective of the organization is to help disadvantaged and poor people in Ethiopia by focusing on Health, Education, Livelihood improvement, Child & youth empowerment, and other right-based programs. The foundation has the following vision and mission


Our vision is to make sure every child gets education, medication, and food. We hope to see a self-sustained and engaged community where destitute children and women enjoy the quality of life and achieve their potential.


We help destitute communities shape their future with resources and a collaborative effort from beneficiaries, stakeholders, government support, the diaspora, and volunteers. To date, the foundation has benefited more than 523 children, 345 households, and 632 unemployed women with need-based scholastic materials, income-generating activities, and other basic needs including food, cloth, and asset transfer services. To realize its objectives, the foundation has stakeholders from the Ethiopian diaspora, community, and government sector offices that contribute a lot to the selection of project beneficiaries based on a home-to-home social and economic assessment.

US Programs

Here in the U.S., we have a program that is specifically designed to Ethiopian immigrant parents who are facing difficulties in communicating with their U.S. born and raised children. We believe that language and culture barriers have played a great role for the cause of the issue. Our goal is to narrow down the differences between these parents and children which we also predict will contribute to the up bring of a productive and responsible citizens to their country as well their family. Giving awareness to these children of the parents’ background, culture and moral values is crucial for the expected change. Our focus is on both the parents and children on educating them the importance of family, love and respect to each other according to the Biblical principles. Our organization also reaches out to needy parents who are struggling to support the family by working two or more jobs. We plan on setting up workshops periodically to familiarize them with basic computer knowledge and skills, provide them information related to jobs, schools, etc.

Programs in Ethiopia

1. Direct Educational, Material, and Food support
2. Child Care and Protection
3. Life & Vocational skill training
4. Basic business skill training & livelihood improvement
5. Medical support, Coverage & Referral service


We believe education is the pathway out of poverty. Every child should have the right to an education regardless of their financial situation. One of Caleb Foundation's main visions is "Education for All.'' Our Education For All program targets underprivileged and street children who cannot go to school due to their circumstances. Caleb Foundation does not discriminate by race, religion, or tribe. That means the only qualification to enroll in our Education For All program is their financial situation. Any child in Wereda district 14 or 13 who has financial or health issues that bar them from going to school can qualify for this program as long as our budget permits.
To find qualified kids for this program, we collaborate with government offices such as the Public School database and Children's Affairs of the Yeka Wereda office. They give us a list of children that need help so that we can contact their parents or guardians directly. Once the child is enrolled in our program, they can come to our facility at any time in case of any need. We also have 4 programs throughout the year to give out clothes, food, shoes, school supplies, and so on. We also provide moral and motivational support for the children by awarding those with good grades.
Caleb Foundation also worked on an Early Education program for many years. The Early Education program was designed to provide a foundation for underprivileged kids at an early age in pre-K and kindergarten. In Ethiopia, public school education starts from the first grade. Pre-k and kindergarten are privately owned and are very expensive to afford for low-income families. Therefore, when the low-income kids join the public school system in the 1st grade, they tend to fall behind since they did not attend early education programs. This is a barrier that low-income students endure in our education system. To avoid this problem, Caleb Foundation has helped hundreds of children graduate from kindergarten for many years. Most of the kids who were supported in this Early Education program tend to succeed in elementary school as well as in high school.

Material and Food Support

In some cases, a lack of materials and food can be the main problem why some kids are left behind in the education system. Some kids are obligated to stay on the street, begging for food to eat. Some simply cannot go to school because they do not have school supplies, uniforms, and proper clothing. In most cases, public schools have a rule to not let any student in their institutions without having the proper uniform. For many years, Caleb Foundation has been able to provide uniforms, school supplies, and food support for thousands of children. Recently, the Ethiopian government started to provide school supplies and uniforms for all public schools. The government also started to feed all the students during school hours. We are grateful for these changes. As a result We now only provide shoes and regular clothing to underprivileged kids.

2.Child Care and Protection

The main purpose of this program is to prevent homelessness upon giving birth for underprivileged mothers. One of the main reasons why mothers are obligated to beg on the street and become homeless upon giving birth is because there is no program to support them to go back to work and transition into regular life. Mothers tend to lose their job after giving birth because nobody allows them to come to work with their children. Therefore, their only option is to beg for food to provide for their children and become homeless in an attempt to raise their children.

Our daycare program allows any underprivileged mother to drop their baby at our daycare location while they go to work. Our daycare facility is free and we offer personal care during the day for kids who are dropped off. Our daycare center is run by trained staff and volunteers for those with complex physical and social care needs. We have a playground in our daycare center as well as different programs to teach the kids basic skills. We also provide one free meal (lunch) once a day to make sure the kids get the right nutrition.

3.Life & Vocational skill training

Our vocational training program is designed to expose the next generation to different types of skills at an early age. We believe this program gives our students the tools they will need to succeed for adulthood. Some of the skills the students build in this program include performing job tasks independently, working in a group setting with reduced supervision, accepting direction from the supervisor, soliciting help appropriately, and maintaining appropriate behavior. We teach a core set of skills in a variety of training areas to increase their chance of obtaining gainful employment as an adult. The main beneficiaries of this program are high school students that are sponsored by Caleb Foundation.
The program is not limited to a particular job function but is open for any type of training such as computer skills, business skills, technician skills, mechanical engineering skills, event planning, and any other important skills that might benefit the kids. The main purpose of this training program is to:

  • Give kids exposure to different skills so that they might find their purpose in life and focus their education in an area of interest at an early age.
  • Keep kids busy from doing anything destructive during their spare time.
  • Give the kids a family-friendly environment where they gather together to train and build skills as a team.
  • Caleb Foundation believes that working on children at an early age promises a good future for the country as a whole. We believe there is yet a lot of work to be done on children. And we plan to expand this program in so many different forms to equip the generation with the necessary skills ahead of time. See below for a testimonial video of kids involved in this program.

    4.Basic business skill training & livelihood improvement

    At Caleb Foundation, we believe and support the Chinese philosopher quote, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Although our charity and donations often help the recipients to put a "band-aid" over their core problems, it is apparent that a sustainable and permanent solution to end their struggle is more effective. This is made possible through our basic business skill training & livelihood improvement program.
    Our business skill training & livelihood improvement program targets young, capable, and healthy underprivileged families who have the ability to work. Although almost 80% of our beneficiaries are interested in participating in this program right away, we have to give priority based on a thorough analysis of the most urgent needs of each beneficiary's condition. We pay home-to-home visits during this analysis to make sure the neediest family will get the highest priority in this program.
    In this program, we make sure our beneficiaries are not becoming dependent on our aid and inhibit the self-sufficiency that they are capable of. Therefore, we make sure our beneficiaries know the capacity they have to become independent. In addition to moral support, we also help them identify their interest and capacity by spending time with them individually. Once we recognize their interests, we set them up with a group of 10 based on their interest so they will be organized as a team. We then help them identify the team leader. Using the team leader, we initiate business development training that can help them create a small business or improve existing ones. This training includes many skills such as how to run a small business, essential management skills, how to save money, how to calculate profit and loss, and any business-related skills that may be useful for them to succeed. We also provide support in the form of tools and materials.
    In addition to business development, our team organizes personalized visits and counseling sessions to make sure they are heading in the right direction. Upon readiness, Caleb Foundation loans them 5000 Eth birr to start their own business. This program is treated as a graduation gift for families on the new road to independence. Our visitation continues even after our beneficiaries graduate and become independent of our aid. We use our graduated beneficiaries to lead, inspire and help our new beneficiaries. By far, this program is one of the most effective programs we have here at Caleb Foundation. So far, this program has helped 30 families to fully graduate from our aid and become self-sufficient. Currently, we have 70 families that are waiting in line to benefit from this project. The program uplifts many beneficiaries to reach their potential. And we recognize the success stories of our previous beneficiaries that became exemplary to many of our aid recipients.

    5.Medical support, Coverage & Referral service

    According to the World Health Organization(WHO) reports, Ethiopia is one of Africa's poorest countries, with 45% of its entire population living below the poverty line. Ethiopia ranks 99 out of 103 on the UNDP Human Poverty index. Three-quarters of the population lack access to clean water, and four out of five people live without proper sanitation.
    In addition, Ethiopia hosts some 133,000 refugees from neighboring countries. In the last two decades, major crises combining droughts, epidemics, displacements, and armed conflicts have repeatedly affected the country.
    The main health concerns in Ethiopia include maternal mortality, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS compounded by acute malnutrition and lack of access to clean water and sanitation. The limited number of health institutions, inefficient distribution of medical supplies and disparity between rural and urban areas, due to severe under-funding of the health sector, make access to health-care services very difficult.

    Ways to Help!

    You can give to help ‘Caleb Foundation - Save Life with Pennies’ organization by sending a secure online donation today. 100% of your donation will be used to help feed malnourished children in developing nations, where one in every four children suffer from malnutrition. You can also volunteer to participate in our upcoming event in Atlanta GA area. More detail will be posted on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to get updates on our upcoming events.



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