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Childcare and protection

The main purpose of this program is to prevent homelessness upon giving birth to underprivileged mothers. One of the main reasons why mothers are obligated to beg on the street and become homeless upon giving birth is because there is no program to support them to go back to work and transit into regular life. Mothers tend to lose their job after giving birth because nobody allows them to come to work with their children. Therefore the only option they have is to beg for food and become homeless in an attempt to raise their children.

Our daycare program allows any underprivileged mother to drop their baby at our daycare location while they go to work. Our daycare facility is free and it offers personal care during the day for those kids who are dropped as needed it. Our daycare center is run by trained staff and volunteers for those with complex physical and social care needs.
We have a playground in our daycare center. We also have different programs to teach the kids based on their age. We also provide one free meal (lunch) once a day to make sure the kids get the right nutrition.