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Life & Vocational skill training

Our vocational training program is designed to expose the next generations to different types of skills at an early age. We believe this program gives our students the tools they will need to succeed in adulthood. Some of the skills the students build in this program include performing job tasks independently, working in a group setting with reduced supervision, accepting direction from the supervisor, soliciting help appropriately, and maintaining appropriate behavior. We teach a core set of skills in a variety of training areas to increase their chance of obtaining gainful employment as an adult. The main beneficiary of this program is high school students that are sponsored by Caleb Foundation.

The program is not limited to a particular job function but it is open for any type of training such as computer skills, business skills, technician skills, mechanical engineering skills, Event planning, and any other important skills that might benefit the kids.
The main purpose of this training program is
1. Give the kids exposure to different skills so that they might find their purpose in life and focus their education in that area at an early age.
2. keep the kids busy from doing anything destructive during their spare time.
3. Give the kids a family-friendly environment where they gather together to train and build some skills as a team.
Caleb Foundation believes that working on children at an early age promise a good future for the country as a whole. We believe there is yet a lot of work to be done on children. And we plan to expand this program in so many different forms to equip the generation with the necessary skill ahead of time.
See below for a testimonial video of kids involved in this program.